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Amplify Physical Therapy Partners brings you curated job opportunities designed to match your unique skills and preferences in the physical therapy industry. Explore tailored job listings that prioritize your individual career goals and preferences.

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Discover unique insights into clinic cultures and opportunities.

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We empower clinics to craft personalized employer profiles that show off their unique culture, values, and strengths.

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Learn about the specific team you're joining before you even have to ask. This guarantees only the best matches show up to an interview.

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We help you find better jobs by making your search more specific to the clinic that matches the exact role you're looking for.

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Discover the success stories of clinics and therapists who found their perfect match on Amplify PT Partners.

How does it work?

Our concierge team works to identify the intricacies of each job posting to match clinics with qualified therapists based on their specific needs and preferences. Once a match is made, clinics and therapists can connect and begin the hiring process.

What sets Amplify apart from traditional staffing solutions?

We combine concierge staffing services with powerful employer brand amplification, ensuring a connection with therapists who resonate most with a clinic's mission.

How long does it take?

The time it takes to find a match varies depending on the specific requirements of the clinic and therapist. However, we're designed to streamline the process by bringing together candidates and clinics that have a foundational interest in one another.

What if I have multiple roles or postings?

There's no limit to the number of jobs you can list on our platform! Amplify PT Partners allows you to manage multiple clinics under one account, making it easy to find the right therapists for all of your locations.

Do you serve both immediate and long-term staffing needs?

We build with versatility in mind, enabling clinics to showcase their brand for short-term staffing and cultivate lasting connections for long-term placements.

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